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  • Jaron Ghani

    Jaron Ghani

    Technical director/founder at @numiko

  • Cătălina Movileanu

    Cătălina Movileanu

    Problem solver, passionate about technology, astronomy, design thinking, and user experience. Excited to create technologies that will shape the future.

  • Ken Brinkley

    Ken Brinkley

  • Celine Masheleni

    Celine Masheleni

    In search of myself. Pan-African, Transdisciplinarian, Systems thinker, either right-brained or lazy, Epistemic Bravery.

  • Sergey Golovorushko

    Sergey Golovorushko

  • tinatangkad


    lead developer

  • Beth Barany

    Beth Barany

    Writing teacher. Science Fiction/Fantasy award-winning novelist. Get “10 Ways to Generate Ideas While Stuck Inside” free e-book:

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